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Scar cover tattoo

Feel good in your body, thanks to the artistic reconstructive tattoo.

Don't hesitate to ask for a free advice to cover up a scar, burn or other skin conditions. 

From 2019 Faith is part of the French association Soeurs d'Encre, which supports women affected by cancer,  physically and psychologically.

As every tattoo artist who is part of the Association, Faith is professionally trained on the following topics:

  • medical and technical training by surgeons specializing in surgery and breast reconstruction following breast cancer;

  • surgical techniques to understand this type of scarring, and the points on which we must remain vigilant;

  • on the psychological background of a woman who has benefited from chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or immunotherapy treatments which have made her go through difficult stages;

  • on the tattooing of scars and burns by tattoo artists specializing in this technique.

Every person has their own medical history and each case is different, so the cover up tattoo is made after a first appointment to assess the skin condition and the preferred design or ideas.

A medical certificate will be required to proceed with the tattoo.

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